Monday, April 5, 2010

Yo Hoo April

It's been awhile since i have updated my blog. Well, a long while. Same reason all the time.

Anyway, to update this blog from where i dropped it, i have to look at the calender and try remember anything significant to write down XD

There's something extra added into our form six life. That something was called 'coloqium', don't think i get my spelling right, but it sounded like that. So, for this something, we form six are required to stay back every Monday from 2.30pm till 3.40pm. We are assigned in to different groups, about 7 students per group, and each group will do some little research, depending on which group you are in. For example, I'm in the Chemistry group, so I will have to do some research relating Chem and present it in June to our fellow classmates, and the new Lower Six.

Anyway, I'm the group leader and our group decided to investigate whether some metal plates and, juice and soft drinks are suitable for emergency power supply. So far( 5th of April now), the results are okay, we have finish experimenting and are now moving to preparing a report.

This year, without knowing why, we are unable to use the air-conditioned dewan kuliah as our classroom like the previous UpperSix. Strange.

First day of Chinese New Years falls on Valentines Day, which should be a good news to some people. Our school got a one week plus a day of holiday. Didnt do much in the holidays, only went out once on 17th to GuiZhi's house around 7pm and to Queensbay with kitty before that. After the holidays, it's time to prepare for 1A examination, but, as usual, i didnt accomplish much.

First UpperSix exam. And of cause, it didn't went well at all. Again, stayed at home pretty much for the whole holiday. Only went out once on Wedns again for movie in Gurney. Started attending Physics tution because, I'm starting to getting some hard time understanding the newer chapters. After the holiday, bad results came falling like heavy rain and bombings. On 31st, members of some club from Kelantan's Chung Hwa came and drop by our school. 30th and 31st are their state's holiday as it is the birthday of their current Sultan. Their PA teacher,Encik Haji Hapidin Saat (aka. Happy day, he said so himself XD) gave us a taklimat on how to attack questions in A and B for an hour. He was quite an interesting teacher. Though Malay, he was quite supportive of Chinese in some aspect. Says him that regardless of races, we should learn to choose and learn up the good side of different races and threw aside the bad habits. I kinda like this old man XD

Besides that, the students are interesting too, there are only about 5 boys out of 20++ members in the club, which was strange.. Anyway, there are some cute girls, some pretty girls, some pretty cute girls and some cute and pretty girls. (Haha..just kidding, didn't know there so much combinations for this two words.) We came to school at 7.30pm that day, and after some ice breaking, we started the taklimat. After that, we took some picture and wave goodbye to our new friends as they need to get some rest (in our music rooms!! T.T) since they will be getting up early the next day ( heading to Langkawi)..

That's all for now..lalala~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holidays to School reopen! XD

Before school reopens

Last entry i mentioned about the concert that will take place in KOMTAR,Auditorium A on 2nd of January. Finally it past and all went well. (thank god XD)

That day, gather up in school before taking bus together to KOMTAR. Reached school at around 2.00pm and dropped my freshly ironed long black pants on the way to the music room. Darn. Everyone was quite excited. And then it's time to leave and soon the music room was empty...except some of us. We are a small group of choir which will be performing extra 2 songs for the concert.

First, there was the song 'Pasigin'. Love the melody darn lot. And there was some part felt like singing rap XD These song was originated from Philipines, and so, all the lyrics are in tagalog (the language used in Philipines) as well. Of cause, it took us quite some time to pronounce it and even more to memorise it. That's why we are allowed to look at d music sheet when singing. That song, according to the coach, is a fishermen's song. I search for it in wikipledia, hoping to find the meanings of the lyrics. But all it came up is only a city in Philipines called Pasin City, located in between Manila Bay and Laguno de Bay.

As for the second song, there's '催咚催'. It's a 湖北 folks song. That day i found something in Wikipledia, but now i can't find it when typing this entry. If my memory serves me right, the song is kinda like a festive song and the lyrics and melody potrait the merry scene of a festival. This piece and 'Pasigin' both have a quick tempo and some high notes for tenor. XP

So, we lag behind to pracitce abit. Then we get on the last bus of 3 and head to KOMTAR. Reached there and start practicing. Can't really remeber the details of the practice and it was all over at around 6pm. Start to have our dinner and change. Dinner was fried rice with hot dog and fried chicken and more importantly we get to eat some marsh potatoes from KFC...WEEE =]

Concert started at around 7.30pm and oh my, the auditorium is pretty darn small and soon all the seat was taken. Concert starts of with 'The Phantom of Opera'. And there is '在水一方' which i get to lead sing with another boy. Lucky my throat was ok and i was able to sing it fine =]. I was standing slightly to the right, so, when it's my turn to lead sing, my voice boom out and most of the audience turned their head in my direction. It was so funny looking them all turning at once, I could imagine hearing a snape and was trying hard not to laugh XD. That piece followed by '天黑黑' and '望春风'. After that, we performed '八骏赞' and '美丽的草原我的家' both two are Mongolian songs that have been translated into chinese, and they are really nice, go hear it when you are free in Youtube. Later, its us, the small group performing 'Pasigin' and 催咚催'. As for the closing, we sang and dance abit for 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' and 'Mama mia'. But of course, in between those pieces we performed, there are some other performance, like solo singing and another choir made up of primary school students and the choir is called Happy Little Angel. Anyway, that night, all went smoothly and was very memorable, too bad can't watch it live.

After School Reopens

Back to school 2 days later. School was fine so far (16 Jan). There's some changes for form 6... From now on, school's over only after 1.50pm for us Science Stream. And we need to stay back for something about doing a project and presentation on Mon till 3.25pm weekly. Our big class have been split into two due to..eerr..noisyness XD One thing then doesnt change is, we are using the same class as last year ==. And there's a bad news about the construction of the new block. Seems like there's a problem about applying for tax free or some discount for the generous donors and the proposal was not yet approved. Which means insufficient fund to complete the whole block. It's completing the block the problem, mind you, not start building it is. And the school's 董事长s are interested in installing a 天文台 on the top floor, so there will be some delay on completing the block. WHICH means i won't be able to use or visit or even step into the new block before i graduate T.T

As for co-curriculum, all performing art club have some audition or interview for the first Saturday of January. The thing is, Form One students are required to sit a simple musical theory test before that and also fill in a form on which performing art clubs they would like to join. This was unheard of in the history of Heng Ee High School as this year's freshmen are so darn many compared to any past few years. There's 700+ Form One students this year!

So, it was pretty fun on the first Sat. We stationed some committee in the foyer, to gather those freshmen whose chosen choir as their first choice and pass the small test. Some was stationed in the classroom next to the music room, which will lead those who are disqualified to their 2nd or 3rd choices of club like Chinese Orchestra, Symphony Band and Harmonica. I mentioned it was fun cause I was one of those who was in charge to bring them around the school to the other club. In the end of the activity, there were 110 out of 280 students passed the audition and will have another audition today (16 Jan). Today, the figure was reduced to 80 something XD

That's all for now...bye =]

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2nd Saturday of December

3rd week of the holidays. Went out for dinner more than school days =]
Finally finished Duma Key and moving on to Jodi Picoult's Plain Truth.

Been attending choir practice for quite some time. Fun. At least I've got something to do to not study and bored to death. XD Lots of practices cause choir will be having concert in..eerr..Auditorium in KOMTAR (either not expecting much crowd or we cant effort DSP).
Think I will be performing about 8 songs. Choir of course, no way i will get to sing in small group or solo. And for some of the pieces, the notes are so high that they are killing me just to produce them out from my mouth. Though still manage to hit the notes slightly, but really can't hold it that long or sang several of it continuously...hmmm...there's a probability that i will lip singing awhile during the concert night =]

Asked a lot of contacts in MSN randomly about their holidays. But it's the same. Bored. Poor things. XD
Too bad still haven't cycle to QB or GP yet. Plan to do that next week.
Speaking about study, still not getting mt result slip yet. Strange...hmmm...

Can't sleep last 2 nights. Don't know why. And when i did sleep, i dreamt about strange things and man those dreams are long XP

There's so little happening in holiday that i can't type much in this entry ha? XD Anyway, that's all for now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

BBQ and Gurney Plaza

BBQ was held at LiHao's house on Fri, 27 Nov 2009.
Scheduled to start at 7.30pm but i still got there late.
Bee came to fetch me at around 7pm, and i drove her car to fetch Pat.
Got lost awhile, but we found it at the end and reached there about 8pm.
Most of the people were here.
Then we start eating some bihun and fried rice and it was darn HOT
LiHao's sis, HuiTing, did invite her friends too.
Poor thing is, most of them did apply eye shadows, and was lucky that it didnt wear off in the heat. *GENG! =]

Start bbq with some hotdogs, chicken wings and SATAY. The satay was darn nice!!
Then after awhile people start gathering in groups and start playing with poker cards and soft drinks. (man they are creative =])
Some hide inside LiHao's room playing PC. And the girls went into the other room playing something (I think?). Anyway, later that night witness how a alcoholic affect the drinker(interesting). Later on we have some homemade pizzas and it taste awesome!
Went back and reached home at 11.45pm.

Gurney Plaza's GSC was darn cold. XD I think it's the same for Queensbay. Went there to watch 2012 the day after the bbq. It was veryveryvery nice just as everyone told me. But since it's cold and drank abit of water, so, watched it with full bladder XD
Reached there under the HOT sun at around 2pm. Wen redbox to sing abit and then left for MPH and Popular while taking my kitty for a stroll =]
Have my dinner at sakae sushi and met up with Esther. XD
Our glasses.

My Curry Katsu Don.
After dinner, I went straight home. On my bike. And it was darn lonely....XP
That's all for now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

3rd day of the Holidays

Like I said, today it's the 3rd day of my short holidays.

Went Pizza Hut on Friday to kick start my holidays. Received bad service =.= No wonder my kitty said pizza hut sucks XD

Did you notice our holidays are becoming shorter each year? From 2 months more till 2 months till 1 and 3/4 month and till now, which is just 1 month plus one week of holidays. Don't know why, maybe it is something like global warming isn't it? That it grew shorter each because of our own making? XD It's just a guess.

Anyway, will be attempting 7 days of tution at school. Cause Physics and Maths teachers haven't finish the Lower Six syllabus. When teacher first mentioned this tutions to us on school days, it really didn't seem so bad, but now i only know that's not really that fun XD

Here's some plan for the holidays. Record it down here to serve as a checklist.

A) Finish a few novel:

1 The Penultimate Peril - Lemony Snicket

2 The End - Lomeny Snicket

3 Duma Key - Stephen King

4 The Chamber - John Grisham

B) Study! (revision actually)

C) Sing Sang SOng!

D) Cycle to Gurney or Queensbay =]

Think that's all.

Just got some results today when attending the tution in school. Physics...50marks..HOHO..improved 12 marks. Maths, total is 37 out of 100. I know it sucks, but hey, I scored only 16 last time. Chemistry and General Paper is still a mystery. But judging from those two papers, I say I might improve too for these 2 papers too, don't you think? XD

That's all for now =]

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Not me.

It's my little sister. She's taking her UPSR result's today.

And I'm proud to inform you that she scored 6A's. Not straight A, but at least score an A more than her brother =]

Which reminds me out there, there's a bunch of form 5 students taking their SPM. Poor thing XP

Editted this picture especially for someone and, trust me, that someone only (that someone, you reading this? XD). But, we should never be shelfish,right? So, uploaded it up anyway.

Wanna wish you all form 5 students good luck.

Note: not add oil. If you haven't been adding it for the pass few months, it's pretty useless wishing you that, cause you will be needing alot of luck.

If you translate straight from the word. It will be somethin like~ you will succeed just as soon as the horse arrive XP

Tomorrow will be the last day of my current examination. After the Physics paper and it will be hello Holidays!

That's all for now. Think I will go study abit XD

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Saturday in November =]

Finally updating my blog.
*Cheers XD
Sure you all know why my blog outdated for so long..
Here's a summary.(I try to recall as much as I can XP)

After the choir competition, there's our school concert. A special one this year as we got to perform in small group. We sang 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. We did okay,i guess.. Let's hope we will be doing opera next year XD
The finale of that performance =]

And there's the Japanese Ghost Festival (is it?), Bon Odori on 18th, Saturday night at Padang Kota (旧关仔甲's big field, Esplanade or whatever u called that place).Lots of people wearing kimonos. Saw Sushi King and Azuma setting up stalls there =] First time been there, darn hot there...and as night getting darker, it gets crowded. Took me half an hour to buy a bottle of cold water. IN the middle of the field, stage was set up and there were dancing, too bad they kept repeating the same few songs. XD There was some fireworks at 10pm to end to festival.
He sat there almost the whole night. Awesome *claphands

Went Little Cottage 2 on the 25th after school curiculum. It's located at the junction which one head to waterfall park and the other one leads to Penang Chinese Girl School. Was welcoming a friend coming back from her Matriculations.

There's my birthday on the 1st and my sisiter's on 27th. Had a chocolate cheese cake and completely chocolate for my sister. She would not eat cheese...strange XD
My sister's
Mine =]

Taking the first exam of my form six life on 17th,Monday, and it was also a memorable day for reason that will be not stated here =] Experiencing new things since then and loving it.
After four days of exam, is some holidays. On 24th, went Dewan Sri Pinang for Chinese Songs Choir Competition. Won the overall champion again. Weee =] Lucky we did, or else will be receiving critics for not winning this state competition like the national state compeition we did in July.

Nothing much happen.
Just one day my uncle dropped by. His a hair dresser. Gave my little sis a haircut and we ate his cake that we prepared for his birthday that day XD
And I think 九皇大帝 is some time in this month, is it?
If I'm not mistaken, we got our school concert DVD this month. The quality is alot better than last year, but there are still spaces for improving. As for the cover, pretty nice =]
hmmm...Sorry for the quality of the picture which make it hard for you to understand its awesomeness XD
Got my exam results. Darn bad. Worst XD Scored only 19 for maths out of 100. Proud of the marks i get for English and my Physics =]

Next month will be the 2nd exam.
Celebrated my little sis's b'day by having dinner at Kim Gary, Queensbay. It's been months i have stepped into a shopping mall.
Another cake with only chocolate. Bought at Maxim's.
November ~ Now
Start having exam on 11th. So far I think I'm doing just fine. hmmm =]
Went for breakfast with with friend on 8th, the Hokkien mee was good. XD
Holiday will start next next week and am looking forward to it. Will be coming back to school for extra classes as some lower six syllabus for mathematics and Physics have yet to cover. T.T
Rained heavily for a couple of days already...Lovin' it =]
Just finished dinner, 14th, have some fried rice with salted fish, fried oyster(蚝煎 XD) and some CHICKEN LEGS...just like to chew it...quite fun, you don't have much chance to chew like that when eating other things,know? XP

Lots of plan and study i think =]
That's all for now.
Phew...finally updated my blog.