Monday, April 5, 2010

Yo Hoo April

It's been awhile since i have updated my blog. Well, a long while. Same reason all the time.

Anyway, to update this blog from where i dropped it, i have to look at the calender and try remember anything significant to write down XD

There's something extra added into our form six life. That something was called 'coloqium', don't think i get my spelling right, but it sounded like that. So, for this something, we form six are required to stay back every Monday from 2.30pm till 3.40pm. We are assigned in to different groups, about 7 students per group, and each group will do some little research, depending on which group you are in. For example, I'm in the Chemistry group, so I will have to do some research relating Chem and present it in June to our fellow classmates, and the new Lower Six.

Anyway, I'm the group leader and our group decided to investigate whether some metal plates and, juice and soft drinks are suitable for emergency power supply. So far( 5th of April now), the results are okay, we have finish experimenting and are now moving to preparing a report.

This year, without knowing why, we are unable to use the air-conditioned dewan kuliah as our classroom like the previous UpperSix. Strange.

First day of Chinese New Years falls on Valentines Day, which should be a good news to some people. Our school got a one week plus a day of holiday. Didnt do much in the holidays, only went out once on 17th to GuiZhi's house around 7pm and to Queensbay with kitty before that. After the holidays, it's time to prepare for 1A examination, but, as usual, i didnt accomplish much.

First UpperSix exam. And of cause, it didn't went well at all. Again, stayed at home pretty much for the whole holiday. Only went out once on Wedns again for movie in Gurney. Started attending Physics tution because, I'm starting to getting some hard time understanding the newer chapters. After the holiday, bad results came falling like heavy rain and bombings. On 31st, members of some club from Kelantan's Chung Hwa came and drop by our school. 30th and 31st are their state's holiday as it is the birthday of their current Sultan. Their PA teacher,Encik Haji Hapidin Saat (aka. Happy day, he said so himself XD) gave us a taklimat on how to attack questions in A and B for an hour. He was quite an interesting teacher. Though Malay, he was quite supportive of Chinese in some aspect. Says him that regardless of races, we should learn to choose and learn up the good side of different races and threw aside the bad habits. I kinda like this old man XD

Besides that, the students are interesting too, there are only about 5 boys out of 20++ members in the club, which was strange.. Anyway, there are some cute girls, some pretty girls, some pretty cute girls and some cute and pretty girls. (Haha..just kidding, didn't know there so much combinations for this two words.) We came to school at 7.30pm that day, and after some ice breaking, we started the taklimat. After that, we took some picture and wave goodbye to our new friends as they need to get some rest (in our music rooms!! T.T) since they will be getting up early the next day ( heading to Langkawi)..

That's all for now..lalala~

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